Did you check out the new KBC ad?

I just saw it and it was amazing. Kudos to girl power and I really don't understand why people are so narrow-minded about having girl daughters but yes, there are such things like that in every phase of life which is very sad. But, I totally loved the ad.

It goes something like this: A girl child is born who was not given any importance in life (various phases of life are shown) till she wins 1 crore rupees in KBC and she says "Mubarak ho, ladki hui hai!" (Congratulations, its a girl!!). Well, KBC has really impacted many lives in its course of 10 years and somehow it has risen Amitabh Bacchan to the status of a God. 

Do you like KBC?

Image Courtesy:realbollywood.com

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  1. I think i shud definitely chek out the ad!!
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