Friends with Benefits {Movies}

The only thing I can say for the movie is "its an awesome entertainer"!!! I am not a big fan of Justin Timberlake, especially after Social Network. But, I loved him for his super-urbane performance in this movie and Mila Kunis is just rocking. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in a long long time and she is pretty and has great acting skills (which is big diversion from Bollywood). 

The movie is about two heart-broken strangers who become friends and then get involved in a physical relationship thinking it will have no impact on their emotions. And, as usual, they are sadly mistaken and the girl realizes that she wants more from the guy and the guy is scared and tries to run away. And, enter the dad of the guy who makes him realize that life is short and not one moment should be missed and one should never let go of "The One". And, then, they live happily ever after.

Though the premise of the movie might seem explicit, the content is actually not explicit and the movie is racy and doesn't drag at any point. And, its actually a good modern rom-com which leaves you with a feel-good feeling just like the awesome movies like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. Grab a popcorn and watch this out!!!

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