Did you get lift from any auto wallah?

Ok, so a funny thing happened right in the morning today!!! Not that it has happened for the first time with me but it does rather make me feel good about world in general. Ok, enough of philanthropic views, let me share what exactly happened.

I came out of the society and there was an auto standing there. He asked me if I wanted to take it. I said no. I walk to my work place and its like just 20 minutes away from my apartment to the lab. And, the mornings are pleasant these days with a cool breeze and seemingly no pollution. So, I love the walk.

But, this auto walla (who is an elder uncle aged person) insisted me to take the auto and I yielded. When I got down, he didn't even take the money. I knew he wouldn't but I would have felt better if he had coz Rs 5 wouldn't make me poor or him rich either!! 

The same thing happened with me long back (around 2 years probably). In the evening, I was given a lift and he didn't take the money either. When you meet the auto guys who are ready to charge you exorbitantly for really small distances, these people really end up making your day. 

How about you? Were you treated kindly any auto or taxi guys?

Image Courtesy:fantastic-feathers.blogspot.com

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