How do you feel when you finish a book?

I have been reading "Pride and Prejudice" for the past few days. Yes, I kept my reading limited to an hour before my sleep so it took me a week to finish the book. I began it on Monday night!! I love that book, absolutely. I am already a romance freak and its a classic when talking about romances!!

But, now that the book is over, I am feeling very forlorn. I feel as if one of the universes had ended. Yes, I hold to the theory of parallel universes which Stephen Hawkings talks in his "Brief History of Time". I absolutely want to revive that world and again dive into those characters - Mr. Darcy being the epitome of romantic hero. 

In fact, as far as I can remember, the worst part of reading a book comes only when I have finished the book. There are very few books I feel glad of finishing and of course, I never pick them up in the due course. So, how do you feel after finishing your books?



  1. I somehow m never able to keep a book down until its over, if it interests me . .. i almost give as much time as possible to the book to finish it . . .so finishing it gives me a reality check of resuming my own life :)

    1. hey Rashmi...welcome to my personal world :)
      I know I feel so abandoned for sometime after a book gets over. you are absolutely right about the reality check thingy!!!

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