Have you ever been asked your religion?

Shocking!! But, this is India - supposedly a unity of various cultural diversities. But, there are so many divisions among people based on caste, creed, color and not to forget, the biggest of all of them, religion. So, when did this incident happen with me? 

Well, I have been living in Hyderabad since five years and Hyderabad does have a good amount of muslim population. And, everyone uses road transport for commuting. So, its very natural that all people come together. So, it happened one day when I was going for an errand that I sat beside a burka-clad lady. 

I always used to tie scarf around my face to protect it from sun and pollution. So, only my eyes were visible and was suddenly assailed by the question "What are you?". I was like "Excuse ME?". She asked me again "Are you a muslim?". Ok, I know my answer was inappropriate. 

I should have handled the situation better but I was baffled and my instant response was "I am a Hindu". I should have instead answered that it was none of her business coz my answer alienates anyone and creates a clean distinction among different religions of people.

Has anything like this happened with you? I do have stories about caste issues as well so there's more coming!!

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