Have you been discriminated for being a girl?

Let me relate a small incident from my life. I was then in probably 7th or 8th which was in 1997-98. And, we had a really hitler type of History teacher who specially had a problem with me. And, lemme tell you one more thing about my life - I am an only child of my parents!! 

Now, you would have lot of questions for me - Wasn't I bored? How is it to be alone? And, et cetera and et cetera. Anyways, I shall talk about it sometime later. So, continuing with my original narration, the teacher who absolutely hated me for no reason (the feeling was reciprocated but with reasons) used to say weird things behind my back in the class.

Once she talked about me being unable to say anything in front of an audience and that I would fail miserably in group discussions and interviews. I do accept that I have horrifying levels of stage fright but to my credit, I do not do badly at all in interviews and GD's. 

And, once the lady crossed the line by announcing in the class that how unfortunate my parents are that I am an only child and that too a girl child. Well, there can be another interpretation of these words that my parents would become lonely after my marriage and so they should have gone for a second kid!! 

And, of course, being entirely negative about a person, you always assume the worst interpretation of the words spoken by the person. But, seriously whatever did she mean by uttering those sentences, I do think such things are not to be announced in schools among budding students.

Did you face any such issues ever in your life?

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