"A Civil Contract" by Georgette Heyer {Books}

A tolerable story line based on how a marriage of convenience changes into love. But, frankly the story seems to be devoid of passion which is so apparent in other stories of the same authoress. May be it is due to the subject of the story but the regular humor and wittiness is also missing. It just seems to drag by. I did not enjoy this book at all. 

Adam, a Viscount, finds himself at the brink of losing everything he owns because of his late fathers extravagant speculations. So, he has to marry a rich girl. And, thus, he is bound in a relation which stifles him. The rest of the story is how his wife manages his affairs and how his father-in-law tries to give everything what his son-in-law may need and how Adam doesn't like the generous benevolence of his benefactor. And, at the end, Adam plays a mad gamble and is able to turn his fortune. 

I think this one can be easily skipped from her collection of books.

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