"Devil's Cub" by Georgette Heyer {Books}

So, remember the "These Old Shades". This novel is a sequel to that one and is literally a mad scramble altogether. The Alastair's become more funny and entirely uncomprehending and the witticisms are too entertaining. The story revolves around the Duke of Avon's son and how he ends up finding his love. The book says its a must have for every romance lover or Heyer's fans and that is so true. I couldn't stop reading after I had started and read it in probably 5-7 hours into the morning. 

As I said, the story revolves around the Duke's son, Dominic or Vidal (his title). He is an extremely handsome rake and extremely murderous in his disposition. So, he manages to kill yet another person. Ok, not kill but severely wound and has to leave England on his father's commands who is entirely disgusted with his son. Now, this son, Dominic is carrying out an affair with a low class girl and persuades her to elope with him on his way to France. To save this girls honor, her sister (Mary) goes in her guise thinking she would be able to get rid of Dominic's designs on her sister. But, the plan doesn't go as planned and she has to spend more than a night with him because of which she can't return to her home without being compromised. So, Dominic proposes marriage and the entire tale is how the mad family and everyone reconciles to this unseemly alliance. 

Even better than its first part, its a complete entertainer and there wouldn't be a page which you wouldn't turn without going into hysterics.

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