"April Lady" by Georgette Heyer {Books}

A tale of misgivings and misunderstanding and a stubbornness to not present their weak sides and not to show their love lest it is not well-received and amply returned.

Helen is marries to Cardross at a very tender age of 18 or 19 and is nt very much learned in all aspects of matrimony. Pursuing her mother's advise of not becoming a clinging wife and believing that her's is a marriage of convenience even though she feel in love with her prospective groom the first time she laid her eyes on him, she remains to stay away and indifferent to her husband lest she weakens and shows her love and suffers. On the other hand, Cardross is very much in love with his wife and has married her solely for love even though she comes with the burden of an indifferent parent and an extremely extravagant brother.

Helen always seems to run short of money as she is busy baling her brother out of his debts and thus, ends up in huge mounds of debts herself. On one such occasion, she is severely spoken to by her husband and she becomes so frightened that she dares not to show a bill of 300 pounds which was left behind by mistake. Cardross grows suspicious of his wife's tendencies and indifference and tends to think that she married him for his fortune. She applies to her brother and in between, the family heirloom is lost.  And, thus, Helen tries to solve her problems herself and not apply to her husband but she gets entangled in her own web. A delightful ending and loving reunion of the almost estranged husband and wife follows.

A good read. Heyer's characters are always delightful and witty but humor is somewhat lacking in this novel.

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