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I know many of you will throw eggs and tomatoes at me for saying this: I hate this movie. Well, the good of this movie is that it is just 95 minutes long. But, trust me, this 95 minutes is too long to bear. Technically, I did read the reviews and was intrigued by them. They paint the picture of a too-good movie and raise your expectations. Probably, I was wrong to expect a lot from the movie. 

I do not know how to explain my state of mind while watching the movie but every moment I was actually waiting for something to happen. Then, things started to wrap up and I was like now it will probably give a reason for the movie or something. But, at the end, nothing happens. I do understand that this was a story written from a point of view of showing four lives with in a city which portrays Mumbai as a background character of its own. But I think, it could have been a story in any other part of the world, be it Delhi or New York (though New York does not have Dhobi Ghat's :P). Mumbai really does not develop as a character in the movie as it does in some other movies like Page 3, Mumbai Meri Jaan or Life in a Metro. 

Prateik is the shining star of the movie. He stand out with his myriad expressions and versatile acting. His is the only character etched definitely. And, Aamir is the worst in the movie, believe it or not. I think a new face would have done a better job instead of Aamir. Shai and Yasmeen characters are just fine. Rather, I would say Shai's American accent really starts irritating after sometime. It really feels as if she is trying so hard to fit into the character.  

I had immediately etched out a lot of different endings to the movie which would have made the movie more poignant and brought out the character of the movie. Though, I would definitely add that I was happy with the ending given to Prateik's character. There is no plot in the movie so do not expect any story to develop which will intermingle all the characters or anything like that. All stories run parallel and you can see The Butterfly Effect in the movie which is appreciable. But, I really feel that the story could have been refined a little bit. There are a few incidents in the movie which have been left unexplained but nothing comes as a shock which is what we expect. Direction was above average. I like the cinematography. Mumbai has been shown in its various colors though it could have been even better. 

My Recommendation
See the movie without expecting anything out of it. You might end up loving the movie if you go in without thinking about it. I really mean it coz I experienced it. There is a lot of hype around the movie but it is not worth the hype if you equate it to a platform of Madhur Bhandarkar's movies. It is different in its own sense. The movie will remain with you even after you come out of the theater which is a big deal. What stays is Yasmeen's story. I would say one should definitely watch it if you do not expect any entertainment and are fine with your two hours going down the drain which might not be so. And, yes, do tell me what you think of the movie after you have watched it. But, do not go for this movie if you are in a bad mood and are desperately seeking for a diversion.

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