Saat Khoon Maaf {Movies}

I was so eagerly waiting for this movie since I read about it for the first time somewhere in the last year. Donno if its name or the author which drove me to this movie. But, neither disappoint you!! One of the best movies I have seen in the recent times and loved it to the core. Priyanka is fabulous but would have been incomplete without her co-actors or dead husbands. Neil is absolutely in the character, John could have been a little better, Irfaan Khan as always impresses, Anu Kapoor is good and Naseeruddin Shah is just himself. Her troop of servants do as good a job as Priyanka. The weakest person in the movie was the Russian actor. I actually found his Hindi difficult to understand in some scenes. But, the person who steals the limelight is Vivaan Shah. The new kid on the block and one who surely is as amazing as his father. He is the one who carries the film from start to end and shines all through. 

Music of the movie is one of the highlights. I am sure you are in love with all the songs by now. But, of course, special mention goes to Darling and Bekaran. They both suit the movie amazingly. O Mama rocks in the movie and I loved the song to the core. Awara is again a great composition. Didn't hear other songs so can't say much about them. The background score of the movie is as haunting as the movie itself. Direction and editing are pretty tight though they probably could have been better at some places but then I am not complaining. The movie is all sombre and macabre in character which many might not appreciate but then I am sure you are not expecting it to be entertaining. A beautifully etched out portrayal of an amazingly well-written story. You can find the unique traits present in Ruskin Bond's stories. The movie is two and half hours exactly and the time passes without any exaggeration of any scene or plot. The climax is a must watch so do not forget to watch it closely and do not miss even a single word. Ending is perfect and makes sure you stay in Sussana's world. You carry the movie all through day in your head long after it gets over. A must watch for people who do not mind dark movies otherwise stay away. Don't forget to share your views of the movie :)

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