Band Baaja Baraat {Movies}

Ohk, so you might really end up hating me for doing this but I went to watch this movie today. And, wanted to share my experience with you. So, yes, from now on, I would be posting movie reviews too(whichever I see!!). There is just one reason behind this. Some of the really good movies go unnoticed and many movies have false reviews online so I thought I might give my opinion. Before beginning, I can add that I love romance and light-hearted movies. But, then, I would definitely update with all movies I have seen and would see. So, hope you enjoy it!!

So, talking about 'Band Baaja Baraat', it is actually a nice movie. I do not have a proper word to describe so I would get down to the basics. The lead pair looks adorable and made for each other. The guy acts amazingly and dances well. Anushka is cute in the movie. I find both lead pairs expressions amazing. And, if you do not like "Ainvayi Ainvayi" already, you would end up liking it by the end of the movie. The beats in the movie are awesome and sure to rock the marriages of the year. I loved the "Dum Dum" song too. First half is hilariously entertaining and barring some 30 minutes in second half, the movie goes well. Those 30 minutes make you feel the inadequacy of proper editing but then the climax covers it all. The Punjabi accent is obvious and that makes the movie even more realistic. A refreshing pair and story is what I would call the plus point of the movie. The guy is a must watch in the movie. If you find he is not that great-looking, you would end up liking his adorable character on the screen by the end of the movie. Best part of the whole thing is that you have no better movie to watch this week so go ahead and watch this movie. And, no I am not going to rate the movie on a scale of five.

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