"Christmas Special" by Agatha Christie {Books}

Wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a very very Happy New Year.

So, are mystery stories flavor of the season for any of you? Well, I guess they are for me. Ahhhh, I have been long stuck with Agatha Christie. Well, guess would not leave her till I finish all her plots. Same happened with Sidney Sheldon though they were never that ingenious. Every story of the great mystery mistress gives you an idea of her creative genius and leaves you in an awe of her. This season I am going with "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding", a collection of seven stories, both, of Marple and Poirot and as I already have displayed my partiality towards Marple, I would definitely love a combination of both.

So, are you guys going to celebrate the festivities with parties or bundle inside a blanket with a book in hand and enjoy the snow outside? I would prefer the second, most definitely.

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