Agatha Christie: Her Best Novels {Books}

Aaahhh......... Guess I am never gonna get over Agatha Christie even if I devour all her books. The more I read her books, the more I get intrigued by the ingenuity of her mind. The intricate plots, the awesome characters, the dramatic scenes....all created by her, just one mind. She was definitely the best mystery writer till date. I rank her to be better than even Sherlock Holmes which I have admired since my childhood.

The differences between the plots in some novels are so varied that I just keep on thinking how could she ever think about such things. 'Murder in Mesopotamia', 'Lord Edgware Dies', 'The Secret Adversary', 'Murder on the Orient Express', 'Cards on the Table', 'Death on the Nile' are some of her best among the ones I have read and 'Crooked House' and 'And Then There Were None' are absolutely awesome. They make you think about the lady who wrote them.

What are your favorites among the ones by Agatha Christie?


  1. Hey Swati. Thanks so much for this post. I love to read but am more of an occasional reader (just don't get enough time to transform into a voracious reader :-D) For that reason, I haven't read a single book of Agatha Christie thoh I have been contemplating to read one since long... just was clueless which book of hers to start with... Which book would you suggest me to start with?

  2. hi forum...thanks for coming to this should start with "Murder of Roger Ackroyd"...that's what even Christie admitted to be her master piece but I would also suggest crooked house and then the list will grow so I'll stick to these two books first :)

  3. Thanks Swati... will surely check them out after I finish the four books lined up to be finished... the names suggest they must be crime fiction. Interesting