Agatha Christie: Poirot vs Miss Marple {Books}

Agatha Christie, one of the best names in the world of mystery and thrillers. She has created many characters like Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, Parker Pyne, Mr. Quinn and many other characters. But, only two stand out as the most famous in competition to the eternal Sherlock Holmes and they are Poirot and Ms. Marple.

Probably Christie created Poirot as a sarcasm to Sherlock Holmes and his methods. Poirot always quotes that he does not rely on finding the foot prints and calculating their size or finding any cigarette or pipe ash. Poirot instead has much more dependability and pride on his magnificent Grey cells which have never failed him to date. Poirot has been described as a haughty detective who has too much faith in himself and can not stand disorder or unorganized minds. Both are equal in his view. He has his own sense of orderliness which he follows and is a pompous old man. He thinks that everyone in England should have heard of his name and is very sensitive to criticism or praise.

On the other hand, there is Miss Jane Marple, an old lady, frail and weak but has much experience with the human nature and is very sensitive to the human minds and their perceptions. Her logic is more easy to follow and understand in contrast to Poirot. Chrisite herself admitted that she likes the character of Ms. Marple more than that of Poirot.

What do you all think? Which character do you like more and which character's novels do you prefer? I definitely go for Miss Marple. Her cases and characters involved have something near to the daily lives we lead and it makes it easier to understand them and even, relate to them on an abstract note. Not that we need murder in our lives. The novels which portray her definitely teach us a thing or two about the human nature and its insights from various view points. Marple solves all her cases based on psychology and based on people's reaction.

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