"The Masqueraders" by Georgette Heyer {Books}

Well, frankly, reviewing a book is a little difficult for me. I don't like to disclose the story because it makes the book less interesting to read and then I don't know what to write in the review. That was one of the main reasons why I stopped posting coz reading is definitely more enjoyable for me than writing!!! Anyways, I'll try to make a better work of it here.

So, tell me, are you one of the romantics who loves the Mills and Boons or are you the ones more inclined towards historical or Victorian romance? Ok, I admit I am a sucker for Victorian romances!!! Georgette Heyer is mostly a Historical Romances author but she has written mystery too. So, the frst book I picked up by her was The Masqueraders. 

This story includes a brother and a sister and how they find love for themselves. The brother and sister are compelled to disguise themselves as members of the opposite sex and assume different roles in different places. That is how they continue to live when they come across a young lady who was eloping with a man (who turns out to be the villain) and having second thoughts about it. The brother and sister pair save the lady in question and the brother falls for this lady. Consequently, a man (assumed to be in love with the flighty lady) follows the lady on behest of her father and the sister falls for this man. So, the story is how the pair of brother and sister become really dear friends of their love interests and enter the ton accompanied by their aunt (who is assumed to be their friend by everyone else). And, then, after half of the story, enter a man of great self-importance and he is the father of this pair of brother and sister. Of course, none of the relations are disclosed to the public. And, then, the incident where the villain is exited by the hero in a bid to save his love and restore his father's some precious and long lost document and the sister is indicted in it. And, the climax where everything turns right!!! And, a dramatic twist in the middle. 

In short, a complete Victorian romance!!! The tale is well-written with a good command of the language and the era. A decent romance without the need to skip the pages coz every page hooks you. And, the best part of it is the language which actually draws you into the time of the tale instead of making you think this phrase can't have been uttered in that time. Trust me it happens with some books. An enjoyable read overall for people who like light reading. 

I am already on to the next of her book - Cotillion. Let's see how that fares.

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