"She's Not There" - True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 {Television}

Ok, so this is such a late post!!! The reason is that I am watching it now :) Ok, I wanted to again get refreshed with all the three previous seasons and then follow with the newest so here it is. I am writing the post as I am watching it!!!

So, the start was so weird!!! The fantasy land and fairies then them turning to witches and everything!!! And, then, voila, Bon Temps again!!! Ok, so it is kind of so weird that I am yet not adjusted to the fact that they have moved the story a year forward. And, everyone looks so different - Jason with that beard and mustache, Andy hooked on "V", Bill looking so his actual age as opposed to remain same looking being a vampire, same goes to Pam and Nan Flanagan, but the best part is Eric. Yup, me crazyyyyy for him. And, he is looking better than ever!!! Yeah, this season is all about Eric after all. So, he should definitely look the best :) And, seriously, he is actually looking younger than the previous seasons. 

The weirdest part is Tara. The whole change in her personality and inclinations and everything is kinda whirling and too much to take at a time. But, I loved the character who plays Portia Bellefleur. She has amazing eyes!!! Ok, and the weird shape shifters meeting and witches magic including Lafayette and Jesus. Then, you come to know that Bill is the new king!!! How cool is that? He defeated Sophie-Ann and he sure is looking awesome in his role. And, the best part of the whole episode is that Eric is the new owner of Sookie's house. So, technically that makes Sookie 'his'. The whole thing was introductory and really weird (I have used this word is much in this post itself!!!) and feels like a new start for the regular true blood.

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