"The Twilight Saga" by Stephnie Meyer {Books}

Hoping that you have all seen the Twilight Saga movies released till date and of course you must have read all four novels of the series. I would really like to know your comments on the movies and novels.

Many people have termed it as good read for 12-year olds. Do you all agree with that or you think that a book can appeal to anyone irrespective of age. Vampires, Wear wolves, rather all super natural creatures have been very much a part of our literature and history so why to term it as childish. Have we not all seen the mature novels written by Bram Stoker and Elizabeth Kostova. Even, they have the same theme of vampires. So why to ridicule this story altogether. Well, I do agree that its a fantasy novel but when we can embrace Harry Potter, why not Edward and Bella.

In my opinion, I find Harry Potter to be more childish. I started reading one of the Harry Potter novels (I do not know which part) and I closed the book after reading some pages. I refused to see any of the movies. But, I was insisted upon by one of my friends and got introduced to the world of HP. I definitely liked the first and second parts. Rest all were fine but I hated the sixth part. May be it did not contain any stuff except the climax and the pace was slow. But, I definitely read the seventh part. It was a disappointment. The thing I had anticipated was not all there. The climax between HP and Lord Voldemort could have been portrayed better. It looks as if the novel had been rushed to get completed at the end. I hope they do it better in the movie.


  1. i saw Twilight and hated it. then i saw New Moon and LOVED it. now i am a few chapters away from being done with book number 4 (Breaking Dawn) and i am completely enthralled. i honestly think that the books are really good reads. i can't say or not if i'm satisfied with the ending just yet...but we'll see soon enough!

  2. Well, did you like the way story turns in Breaking Dawn. I would like to discuss about it when you get finished with the book. The books are definitely enjoyable. Do not forget to come back and post your comments about the book after you finish it.

    Awaiting your response.

  3. i must admit that i was a bigger fan of the first 3 books and not so much the 4th. i kinda felt like the author was reaching a bit just to keep writing. it all seemed a little far-fetched (as if the first 3 seemed possible!?) so i'm not entirely sure about it yet. i'll be sure and come back here though and let you know what i thought of the ending!

  4. ya even I felt the same.......it was just written to give everyone a happy ending..........no threads let loose or hanging....btw i spotted you on 20SB.....i sent you a comment........check it out.....