First Post - An Introduction

Hi Everyone

I am a big fan of English Fiction from Agatha Christie to Sidney Sheldon. I would like to know what all you people read and who finds which book pleasant. We all can recommend each other various books and do a detailed review of the books without disclosing the plot, of course!!

To begin with, I am reading "Halloween Party" by Agatha Christie now a days. Not much of a thriller, rather a bore. But, some of the books by the lady are masterpieces. I, specially, love the crooked house. Please post your favorite books in the comments. I would like to hold a discussion of books. Any different authors are more than welcome as a change.

Take Care.


  1. Hi, I am a big fan of mysteries and murders and glad to hear that you are into Agatha Christie to Sidney Sheldon. I read Agatha Christie when I was younger and have moved on to Sidney Sheldon. Sidney Sheldon is one my my favourite authors and was pretty sad that he passed away. I have read all his books before his death and was craving for more, before learning of his death. If you do not mind 2nd hand books, you can sign on with Bookmooch and exchange books with the rest of the world.

  2. Hi, glad to hear you share the same interests. Ya, it was too bad Sidney Sheldon passed away. I liked his "A stranger in the Mirror" a lot. It was pretty ironic. Have you read all of Agatha Christie or just some? What else do you read?

    And, I will surely sign on with Bookmooch. Thanks for the info.