Serendipity, Destiny and Eternity : My entry for the Get Published contest

"Serendipity, Destiny and Eternity....the three words I have always loved and have impacted my life the most!! Life has a very crude way of being ironic. It is true that the Universe comes together to make the heart's deepest desire come true but as they say "There are no free lunches in the world". And, Life always takes something in bargain. Sometimes that bargain costs you much more than your actual wish coming true. And, the results can change the course of your destiny entirely, so much that sometimes, you do not even recognize your own self."
Every girl dreams of a perfect man. But, what happens when that man comes in your life? It was Serendipity when she met him. It was like two souls have found each other. They thought they had found their eternal loves. There was passion and urgency in their love. But, they were young. And, I am here to tell you her story.
Love was her only ambition
she lived for it and she rejoiced in it
for she had given it her all
She was a girl who was passionate, brave and her only desire was to find her true love. She was incredulous when her dream came true. Every morning brought more glow to her face and more color to her dreams. She fell in love but it was slow and sudden and gradual and forceful and serene, all at the same time, she did not even know. It was not the man of her dreams, she fell in love with but it was the man who came into her life, she fell in love with. She was not a fool. She had a keen perspicacity and she wasn't blind to his faults but that was the beauty of her dreams. She knew him and she knew him well. She wasn't blind to his faults or generous with his gifts. She had loved him for all he was. Never did she wish him to be better. There were bitter fights, there was impatience, there was anger but never was there regret or disappointment. He was her world. Her morning started with him and night ended with him. And, suddenly, the world she knew changed in front of her eyes and she never knew herself thereafter.

"This story is an incident close to my heart, an incident which has taught me a lot of things about life, love and relationships and never again did I see any relationship in my life through the same eyes. It is not only a story of struggle but its a story of struggle with oneself, story of conflicting emotions, a story of darkness which I bring out to you. - Author's Note"

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. Beautifully written..or rather I should say, portrayed. This is because the characters seem so alive through your words. You have real talent here Swati and I wish you get published:-)

  2. i am spellbound.. after reading this .. its so touchy ..