Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster {Movies}

An extremely gripping movie which might feel lacking at some points of the movie but overall it is amazing ride of just 2 hours. It is a modern adaptation of Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam which was an epic movie in its own right. And, I would definitely love to read the novel. Anyways coming back to this movie, I would say that the USP is the characters and their characterization. Jimmy Shergill is elegant, Mahie Gill is mind blowing and for the first time, I can give some credit to Randeep Hooda whom I find extremely boring and caricatured in other movies. 

The story is on the lines that there is a Nawab who is among the last surviving and impoverished royals and is trying to preserve the glories using his name, his wife whom he ignores completely for the favor of a mistress he has set up and there is a servant who recruits himself in the guise of a driver of the Nawab's wife but in actual he is a spy planted by the enemy of the Nawab who wants to bring him down in the political sector. So, the story revolves quite grippingly using very few characters in the movie. 

An engaging movie and has rightly deserved the awesome reviews it has got.

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