"Cotillion" by Georgette Heyer {Books}

Another regency romance. I hope you are not getting bored of it. I guess this was almost one of the best of Georgette Heyer. So many stories entwined but never forgoing the main storyline and a really delightful ending. 

Kitty has to choose from one of her cousin's to get the inheritance placed on her and the person she most expects doesn't turn up for the occasion. So, she fakes her engagement with another of the cousin, Freddy, and takes the opportunity to go to London and live her dreams with somewhat meager money she receives from her guardian. The fake engagement was to make Jack jealous and make him come to her. Jack is pretty much amused by her tactics but doesn't declare himself. So, she parades around London under the wing of Freddy's sister, Meg. She makes outcast friends and finds out that her French cousin relation is not what he portrays to be. So, a series of escapades come into the fore when the side stories take a grip and the novel begins to race in the end and finishes with Kitty getting her man. 

Slightly slows down int he middle but the racy ending make up for the slights in between the novel and not at one point of the novel does the author giveaway the emotions of her characters thereby giving a twist in the ending.

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