Tanu weds Manu {Movies}

Ok, so I have just one advise for this movie: even if you are dying of boredom on this weekend, do not bother to go for this movie. Instead sit at home and watch the world cup matches even if you are not a big fan of cricket or India is not playing. They would be more interesting and entertaining. 

Script is not new, cinematography is not very great, it is a low budget film. I do not definitely mind low budget films but they should be well made. Only two people shine in the movie according to me. No not the leads but the supporting cast - one is Madhavan's friend who stays with him in almost all the scenes of the movie and probably stays in his house and other is Jimmy Shergill. Well, I would definitely credit Madhavan for some of his amazing expressions but then we all know that he is a good actor. But, otherwise, Kangana looks horrible  in some scenes and acts even more horrible. She overdoes the very carefree role. And, I think there is some problem with her lip after she go the lip surgery done which is entirely ruining her face. 

If you want to skip it, I would suggest you do. You would only be missing the worst movie of this decade probably (ok, that might be too strong a criticism). And, if you have seen the movie, do add the reviews :)

PS: I read so many reviews of the movie. Is it just me or is the film really so-not-tolerable??

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