"Wutheirng Heights" by Emily Bronte {Books}

Hey Guys....I know its been long since I posted anything. Was busy reading Wuthering Heights and caught up in my work so could not make out time to finish the novel and post a review. Yeah..I know last time I talked about reading Jane Eyre but got Wuthering heights issued so decided to finish that.

Wuthering Heights can be termed more as a story of revenge rather than love. Because, from page one, you feel the tragic atmosphere to the core and you can never relate to the love of Catherine and Heathcliff as much as the destruction of the relations and lives. The gloom of the atmosphere, the revenge, the dreary relations and people dwelling in Wuthering Heights (the house) and all these began and ended with Catherine, the heroine of the story, who was alive even after she dies. The book leaves you with a sense of loss at the end for the incomplete love of every character involved in the story.
At least, I could not connect myself with the novel and I could not appreciate the love in Heathcliff (a love which destroys everythign including his own love and self) for Catherine. A love which remains unfulfilled till the end, a love which remains unsatisfied in lifetime, a love which could never be held on to, a love which was so immeasurable that it could only bring suffering and pain with it.

I marvel at the person who could create such a character. Wuthering Heights is a novel which makes you brood over your characteristics. Reading the book overwhelms you of the ingenuity and courage of the authoress to publish such an unconventional novel at that time. Though, when the novel was published, it was actually published under an alias "Ellis Bell" instead of her own name.


  1. Interesting, I was never really a reader..the only two books I've read in my life are 'The God Father' and 'The Da Vinci Code'.. loved the God father...saw the movie again last week and I really wanna read it once more.. each and every inane character in the movie has got a story in the book and I found that really, really cool... and of course, Don Corleone, who 'makes him an offer he can't refuse... '

    Heard a lot of Wuthering Heights, who knows, might pick up a copy one day.. :)

    Nice review here. :)

  2. thanks Raj :) do pick it up someday...its a nice read!!!

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